Introduction to BRIPC/ISO9712 Scheme
Levels of BRIPC Certification

Level 1
An individual certified to Level 1 has demonstrated competence to carry out NDT according to written instructions and under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel. Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 1 personnel may be authorised by the employer to perform the following in accordance with NDT instructions:
a) set up NDT equipment;
b) perform the tests;
c) record and classify the results of the tests according to written criteria;
d) report the results.
Level 1 certified personnel shall neither be responsible for the choice of test method or technique to be used, nor for the interpretation of test results.

Level 2
An individual certified to Level 2 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT according to NDT procedures. Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 2 personnel may be authorized by the employer to:
a) Select the NDT technique for the test method to be used;
b) Define the limitations of application of the testing method;
c) Translate NDT codes, standards, specifications and procedures into NDT instructions adapted to the actual working conditions;
d) Set up and verify equipment settings;
e) Perform and supervise tests;
f) Interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards, codes, specifications or procedures;
g) Prepare written NDT instructions;
h) Carry out and supervise all tasks at or below level 2;
i) Provide guidance for personnel at or below level 2, and;
j) Report the results of non-destructive tests.

Level 3
An individual certified to Level 3 has demonstrated competence to perform and direct NDT operations for which he is certified. Level 3 personnel have demonstrated:
a) the competence to evaluate and interpret results in terms of existing standards, codes, and specifications;
b) sufficient practical knowledge of applicable materials, fabrication, process, and product technology to select NDT methods, establish NDT techniques, and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where none are otherwise available;
c) a general familiarity with other NDT methods.
2.3.2  Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 3 personnel may be authorized to:
a) assume full responsibility for a test facility or examination centre and staff;
b) establish, review for editorial and technical correctness and validate NDT instructions and procedures;
c) interpret codes, standards, specifications and procedures;
d) designate the particular test methods, techniques and procedures to be used;
e) within the scope and limitations of any certification held, carry out all tasks at all levels, and;
f) provide guidance for NDT personnel at all levels.